EMS Training

Electrical Muscle Stimulation training gives you a better workout in only 20 minutes. Our specialized training suit stimulates all of your major muscle groups simultaneously. With all of your muscles contracting, our simple low-impact movements and targeted frequencies engage more of your muscle, making sure you get a great workout. 

Cut Your Time in the Gym

One of the wonderful things about whole-body EMS training is that it is the most time -efficient way to train your body. A 20-minute workout, twice a week, is the most popular way to train with EMS. This is how much time you save compared to a 3 times/week, 90-minute personal training session. The question is, what will you do with all that extra time?

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Ready to electrify your workout?

In just 20 minutes a week, we can give you measurable results that will change how you see fitness. You’ll have more time, more energy and less pain. Find out for yourself with our free intro session by booking a session below.