Transform with EMS

Our revolutionary training sessions are just 20 minutes a day, twice a week. Burn fat, build muscle, and save time with EMS Personal Training. Our results are not only proven and measurable, but backed by science.

Personal Training with EMS

ElectroFit trainers use XBODY Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machines during one-on-one personal training sessions. Our training is highly customizable and specifically tailored to each client.

Individualized Training

Pair with a trainer that will not only learn your needs and goals, but know how to implement them. We work with individuals and groups of two to ensure a comfortable, yet challenging workout.

Measurable Results

EMS Training has been very popular in Europe for over a decade. It has been studied extensively for safety and efficacy and the results speak for themselves.

Time Saving

ElectroFit is the premier fitness program for maximizing your workout. Our technology and unique training can, in just 20 minutes, provide the equivalent of a 90 minute high-intensity training session. Get the most from every workout, whether your goal is to build muscle, maintain muscle, or simply fit exercise into a busy schedule.

The Workout That Saves Time

ElectroFit EMS Training is cutting-edge, innovative, and effective. See how much time a twice-weekly 20-minute session can save you compared to a traditional 90-minute personal training session.

Minutes Per Week
Hours Saved Per Week
Hours Saved Per Year

Benefits of EMS Training

Strengthens Muscles and Improves Muscle Tone

ElectroFit EMS training is an efficient method for increasing and maintaining muscle mass, strength, and functionality. Conventional training methods often limit muscle involvement, and largely depend on the exercises performed. EMS not only activates more muscles across all major muscle groups, but can mobilize deep tissue muscle fibers that are difficult to reach with conventional training.

Decrease Body Fat %

Calories are burned during physical exercise relative to muscles use; involving more muscles leads to more calories burned. To complement this, ElectroFit’s EMS system involves every major muscle group, and has been proven to stimulate muscle growth to a greater degree than conventional training. This heightened muscle development, when combined with cardiovascular exercise, can improve metabolism and result in more effective calorie burning even while at rest.

Joint-friendly Training

XBody provides training regardless of age. Through the combination of EMS with low impact exercises, stress on the joints can be reduced to a minimal level compared to other sports (including regular training with weights), thus it is an extremely effective way to avoid injuries.

Time Efficiency

ElectroFit provides a time efficient workout with zero compromise. Our EMS Training stimulates every major muscle group simultaneously, resulting in 80% of total skeletal muscle mass trained in a single session.

Balancing Muscles

Asymmetric muscles are a common problem often caused by sports and athletics, or simply through poor working conditions and posture. ElectroFit’s personalized EMS exercises have the capacity to not only detect these imbalances, but to compensate for them and help realign one’s muscular symmetry.

Ready to Electrify Your Workout?

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